The «erotic» appeal of new technical objects

José Pinheiro Neves


«Animated by Gilles Deleuze and Gilbert Simondon, this essay interrogates the «reality of technique» (Heidegger), not technical objects, stabilized as things in space. The reality questioned is the hybridity of technique, that is, it is technique as an animal («animal species», in the words of José Pinheiro Neves), it is the alloy that mixes organic and non-organic, it is the hybrid of human and non-human, the hybrid of sensitivity and inorganic. In this understanding, the human does not contradict the non-human in substantial terms. For this reason, there are those who identify it with the post-human.

The bold proposal for the sociology of technology present in this book highlights what Perniola calls the Egyptian version of our culture, an attention given to the inorganic in the human. The figure of «technical individuation», defended by José Pinheiro Neves, effectively summarizes this idea that the mineral world can be fueled by the motivation of an inversion. Through this inversion, human beings are perceived as things and things, in turn, are seen as living beings» (Moisés de Lemos Martins, from the Preface)

Moisés de Lemos Martins

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