Into my new road

Inma Ruiz


Into my new road

Thanks to the challenges… We are born again.

The poems of Inma Ruiz induce us to deep reflection in the search for our self-knowledge, and basic aspects of our existence, like the poet, facing great personal challenges, hard stages of long resilience, researching, and learning about the exciting world of personal development.

The author transmutes that discomfort with a new attitude and works on her beliefs full of faith, positivism and a great dose of patience and strength. An unassailable work in which the author adorns the verse transmitting pure love in the form of father, mother and the cities that marked her life as a woman and poet.

The author extends a sincere dialogue between society, sometimes hostile and sometimes tender, offering us the freedom of thought, to interpret and move us according to the convictions of each human being.

In this book of poems, the author gives us the perfect apotheosis to poetry full of nudity, truth and mysticism that enliven the sometimes lost enthusiasm, emotions, feelings and sensations, perhaps anaesthetized in some people.

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